Refund Policy?

Are pets allowed?

Is there an age limit?

How do I keep the color in my shirt?

Krazy Leg Events woodstock Color Run

We do not issue refunds but you can transfer your tickets to another person if you would like too. Just email and we will help you with the transfer.

The color is cornstarch with food dye, even though it will not hurt you we recommend not getting it directly in your eyes. You may wear sunglasses or goggles to avoid direct contact. We are not liable if you go blind.

Do not wash the shirt just let it soak in vinegar and then iron it.

There is not an age limit for the race, young and old are all welcome!

Sorry but not pets allowed in this race.

It usually washes out of your clothes with the first wash but just in case wear some older clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

Wear white. This could be the cool white shirt that’s included with your registration. We encourage white because you’ll want everyone to see the multiple colors you end up with at the finish line. Wear these colors proudly.  
Anyone can participate, there is no age limit. Strollers are allowed, we just ask that you start at the back of the race for safety reasons.

Can the color harm me?

What Should I Wear?

Who can participate?  Can I run with my stroller?

Will the color ruin my clothes or shoes?